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Analysis of high value liquids in the biotechnology or chemical industries

Analysis of high value liquids in the biotechnology or chemical industries

Viserion® Raman Analyser



In several industries, the batch acceptance and process performance relies on sub-products in very low concentration (<1%). Most of all this is the case in biotechnology (Up stream) or also in chemical mixing (e.g. detergent with low enzyme concentration). The batch cost can reach several 100 thousand dollars. Especially relevant, Viserion® is a Raman analyser system that enables the prediction of glucose, lactate, glutamine, alcohol, etc.. with high a accuracy.

Biotechnology has however, demonstrated the ability to produce new drugs and blockbuster. It is now a critical strategic domain. This process relies on living organisms and is far more complex to understand than conventional chemistry, and the ability to develop a robust and reproducible bio-process with high productivity is hyghly desirable.

Viserion® Informations


Indatech will provide you with all the necessary documentation for an efficient IQ/OQ


In-line and at-line option
Autoclavable probe
High accuracy 0.1% to 0.05% achievable
100% inspection

What people say about it

The easiest way to monitor process! Using at-line in vials or on-line Raman spectroscopy in liquids, the reliable and cost-effective INDATECH solution.

Viserion completely transformed our way of production, relying now on on-line reliable and accurate measurements.

The Raman solution from INDATECH helped me reducing the lab analysis costs by 10 and changing the product analysis speed from 4 hours to 5 minutes.

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