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CA Indatech and the American C-SOPS university research center have launched their collaboration

CA Indatech and the American C-SOPS university research center have launched their collaboration

The French company CA Indatech, the specialist in spectroscopic measurement for in-line analysis has joined the American university consortium C-SOPS
(Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems).


Thanks to its unique, patented SAM-Spec high-speed optical measurement technology, CA Indatech has been selected to join the American C-SOPS consortium. The aim of this research center is to use, identify and implement advanced technologies to develop and optimize pharmaceutical/biotechnological processes and, more particularly, new methods for continuous manufacturing.

Led by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, this consortium comprising four universities has been funded by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and by industrial partners such as Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer and Vertex.


Continuous manufacturing – industry 4.0

Continuous manufacturing technology lies at the heart of modern production facilities. It is a key element in cutting-edge pharmaceutical production. It helps to improve quality, safety, efficiency and costs while reducing the time-to-market. Indeed, the process consolidates the in-line manufacturing steps which include weighing, crushing, mixing, compression and coating.


SAM-Spec optical solution

The patented SAM-Spec NIR SRS optical solution (INPI LR 2010 Innovation Trophy) from CA Indatech has been chosen for its innovative optical technology.
Dedicated to high-speed in-line measurement, this multipoint optical sensor can be used to check the physical and chemical properties of complex specimens, such as powders, granulates, heterogeneous solids or turbid liquids, in real time, simultaneously and in a unique way.

The SAM-Spec solution can be used at various stages in the continuous process: crushing, mixing, drying, compaction or coating. The main goal is to ensure in-line testing of product quality in real time at each stage in the manufacturing process.
For example, the system allows you to check a tablet or lyophilizates in a few milliseconds.
Among the major advantages of SAM-Spec, it is worth mentioning reduced investments in equipment, lower operating costs, improved product quality, higher throughput and better understanding of the processes.


Diagram of SAM-Spec application for testing
at each stage in the production of solids


About CA Indatech
CA Indatech, a member of the Chauvin Arnoux Group, designs, manufactures and commercializes innovative optical sensors for in-line checking of processes. The spectroscopic sensors developed by CA Indatech are capable of measuring the physical and chemical properties of complex liquid and solid products simultaneously and in real time. Internationally, Indatech’s spectral solutions have attracted the attention of companies in various sectors such as pharmacy, biotechnology, agri-food, the environment and petrochemicals.
Find out more at www.indatech.eu


About C-SOPS
Founded in 2006, the Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (C-SOPS) brings together a cross-disciplinary team of researchers from major universities to work closely with industry leaders and regulatory authorities to improve the way pharmaceuticals, foods and agriculture products are manufactured. C-SOPS focuses on advancing the scientific foundation for the optimal design of SOPS with advanced functionality while developing the methodologies for their active control and manufacturing. Headquartered at Rutgers University, C-SOPS partners include the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Purdue University, the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez, and more than 40 industrial consortium member companies
Find out more at www.csops.org