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May 31- June 1st, 2017 – Bioproduction A3P Congress

May 31- June 1st, 2017 – Bioproduction A3P Congress

Meet us at the Bioproduction A3P Congress, held in Lyon, FRANCE

INDATECH will participate to the Bioproduction A3P Congress, in Lyon, on May 2017, to present its unique real-time spectroscopic solutions for biotech: Viserion® 785.

Biotechnology has demonstrated the ability to produce new drugs and blockbusters, and it is now a critical strategic domain. This process relies on living organisms and is far more complex to understand than conventional chemistry.  Moreover, the ability to develop a robust and reproducible bioprocess with high productivity is highly desirable.

Thanks to advances in laser technology, optical filter and sensor are easy to implement in industrial environments and routine analysis. The analysis of the signal is improving by the use of multivariate modeling approaches for the prediction of composition (chemometrics). Raman is now considering as a valuable industrial tool for providing chemical information on liquid, solid and gasses.

Viserion® Raman will improve financial performance with faster process development times and enhanced process understanding using a QbD approach. It enables a significant reduction of laboratory analyses, fast in-situ analysis of critical process parameters and attributes, and yield optimization.

INDATECH Raman and NIR spectroscopy solutions are  to:

– Process optimization and development based on Quality-by-Design (QbD)

– In line control of batch or continuous process (PAT)

Those sensors provide non-destructive and real-time solutions to generate physical and chemical knowledge on complex products.

INDATECH provides the unique solution based on an hybrid approach, in-between classical NIR spectroscopy and the hyperspectral imaging, thanks to the Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (SRS).




About us

INDATECH is an innovative equipment manufacturer, specialized in designing cutting-edge optical sensors to address the issues of laboratory quality measurements and on-line manufacturing control.

The spectroscopic sensors designed by INDATECH are based on the Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (SRS) in the visible and near infrared range (Hy-Ternity® solution with SAM-Spec® probe).

This patented technology enables real-time and simultaneous multipoint measurements of both the physical and chemical properties of complex products. Those samples are solids, powders, foams or turbid liquids, that can be monitored directly on-line and at high speed.

Furthermore, INDATECH Raman solution (Viserion®) is dedicated to chemical and biotech liquid measurements.

Those spectroscopic solutions are ideally suited for process development and process control within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry in the frame of the PAT (Process Analytical Technology) and the QdB (Quality-by-Design), for chemical and petrochemical industry as well as Food and beverages.