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SAM-Spec Mix Multipoint Monitoring for Mixing liquids and solids

Validation of mixing liquids and solids and Real time Multipoint Monitoring with SAM-Spec Mix

SAM-Spec  technology




Failing a mixing process can cost a high amount of money due large batch losses. At the same time designing a mixing process is complicated due to  the influence of several factors (blade shape and speed, reactor shape, product viscosity, scale up effect).

SAM-Spec Mix provides a Real time Multipoint Monitoring for mixing liquids and solids . The product is assessed in real-time and in-line at different depths and positions. The validation of mean particles size, segregation, chemical concentration uniformity, turbidity is therefore completely controlled and mapped. 100% chance of success is guaranteed !

SAM-Spec Mix Information


Indatech will provide you all the necessary documentation and will provide efficient IQ/OQ


Up to 20 points each 3ms !
Sedimentation / or colloidal mixing
Full mapping from batch to vial approach !
100% inspection

What people say about it

With the simultaneous measurement at several locations, Hy-Ternity makes possible the mapping of an entire blend.

Multipoint measurement is necessary to assess mixing homogeneity everywhere in a blender. Several SAM-SPEC probes hooked up to an Hy-Ternity unit is achieving this dream!

Usually I was relying on computer simulation to understand the physical and chemical aspects of the industrial mixing process. Now with INDATECH solution I can rely on real data from the development stage to the production level.

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