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SAM-Spec® Capsule net weight and dosage real time analyser

capsule-dosage Capsule net weight and dosage real time analyser

SAM-Spec® - Capsule net weight and dosage real time analyser

SAM-Spec® technology


The simplicity and versatility of capsules make them one of the preferred candidates for oral drug delivery for products such as powders, granules, pellets, liquids and semi-liquids. FDA requirements for capsule dosage uniformity requires an accurate evaluation of the net weight and API concentration. But how to avoid destructive and time-consuming techniques?

Dosage real time analyser and in-line analysis provides significant financial benefits due to faster process development and understanding, better QC, a huge decrease in laboratory analysis, faster production times and increased safety.

  • Capsule filled weight
  • API Capsule dosage and residual moisture
  • Contaminant detection
  • Capsule dosage uniformity
  • Tablet Hardness

SAM-Spec® Informations


INDATECH will provide you all with the necessary documentation for efficient IQ/OQ

SAM-Spec® video


SAM-Spec® is a patented NIR-SRS optical technology
Net capsule weight, typical error 3-5% relative
API concentration typical error 2-4% relative
Moisture analysis typical error 0.2% relative
Detection of contaminant and dosage uniformity in the capsule
Fast analysis, up to 800,000 capsules/hr
Compatibility with chemometric software packages including Camo Process Pulse II

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Save batches and money with this completely integrated device…

If you want to sleep at night, rely on API-NESS®.

SAM-Spec® is the unique inspection tool on the market addressing both physical defects and chemical concentrations. A must have!

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