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SAM-Spec® – Hy-Ternity® – Multipoint NIR spectroscopy

spatially-resolved-spectroscopy-1 SAM-Spec® - Hy-Ternity® - Multipoint NIR spectroscopy

SAM-Spec® - Multipoint Spectroscopy

Standard Visible and Near-Infrared (NIR) Spectroscopy performs one single spectrum measurement per sample. SAM-Spec® Multipoint spectroscopy performs measurements at different distances from the illumination point. This approach provides chemical information but also physical one such as particle size and shape, cell density, uniformity and even weight. As a result, the surface analyzed is also much more important which copes for the recommendation of pharmacopeia. In addition, Several research centers have demonstrated the superiority of Multipoint spectroscopy and multipoint imaging techniques over standard NIR one.

Hy-Ternity ® and SAM-Spec ® Probes

INDATECH is currently the only company providing a full multipoint solution for industrial applications. The best performance is achieved thanks to two important criteria :

Unique probe design SAM-Spec® : improved during years and experience, it is protected by several patents (homogeneity measurement, weight , filling).

Fast, robust , reliable multichannel sensor Hy-Ternity®: Rather than using a standard nir spectrometer, it relies on push broom imaging sensor, the same as NIR hyperspectral cameras.

The software can communicate with a controller but also with standard software packages for spectral analysis such as Camo Process pulse ®, The Unscrambler®, Eigenvector PLS_Toolbox® or model exporter. Full certification CFR21 part 11 can be achieved.

spatially-resolved-spectroscopy-1 SAM-Spec® - Hy-Ternity® - Multipoint NIR spectroscopy
SAM-Spec® - Hy-Ternity® - Multipoint NIR spectrometer

Research centers involved in this technology :

Axel One industrial platform (FR)

Faculté de pharmacie de Montpellier (FR)

Dusquesne Univertsity (US)

RCPE / Gratz University (AU)

Articles :


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SAM-Spec® - Hy-Ternity® video

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