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SAM-Spec® Lyo Control Freeze drying and control Lyophilised products moisture and integrity

freeze-drying Control Freeze drying and control lyophilised products moisture and integrity

Control freeze drying and control lyophilised products moisture and integrity

Hy-Ternity® and SAM-Spec® technologies


Our solution provide you huge gain in productivity and development time ?

SAM-Spec® Lyo is based on the SRS breaktrough technology for control  freeze drying and control lyophilised products. This non destructive and non invasive approach measure critical product parameter in less than 3ms. No more need of lab techniques consuming time and money. With Sam-Spec® Lyo you will get moisture content, cake integrity, but also melt and glass particle detection within freeze dried products.

Process dev.

SAM-Spec® is the only analyser tracking both chemical and physical changes, leading to a very quick process understanding and parameter optimization.


600 000 samples analysed ? Yes it is feasible… and easy to integrate.

Test & research

SAM-Spec® Lyo is a high throughput analyser reducing dramatically the measurement time for large sample measurement.


INDATECH will provide you all the necessary documentation for an efficient IQ/OQ.


Threshold detection 0.2% residual moisture
Measuring speed 3ms for 27 sampling points
Physical attribute such as porosity / melt
100% inspection

What people say about

Ideal for the inspection for all possible defects.

This device is the fastest on the market, amazing for large production sites!

SAM-Spec® Lyo has succeeded in detecting humidity but also the other major critical parameter which is the cake density.

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