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INDATECH Horiba UV-VIS Spectrometer for Controlling protein, water analysis, protein purification , protein identification.

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INDATECH Horiba UV-VIS Spectrometer for controlling protein, water analysis, protein purification (downstream), protein identification


INDATECH has developed a solution in biotech for downstream for UVVIS spectroscopy (multichannel up to4 ) with high stability. The system catch the spectra from 200-750nm.

High performance and high stability UV-VIS multichannel spectrometer
The system can provide up to 4 channels (simultaneous measurement) from 200-750nm (option 200-1000nm possible). It also include the measurement of one temperature channel (e.g mesurement of the product temperature analysed )

The light source is a brand new compact deuterium lamp with high stability. This new electrode can work in trigger mode wich can extend the bulb live from a ratio of 10 (reduction of cost and maintenance operation).
The module is designes to work with standard optical fiber (SMA connexion). UV safety has been taken into account by adding a security for avoiding accidental removal of fiber.
The system is compatible with several typ of process probe (small one for process development or lab application or rudge one for in line and on line application, with possible connexion on pipe).

INDATECH has developed this solution for biotech ( downstream monitoring after the cell culture) and analysis of waste water in industry. The system also work for nanoparticle solution analysis, chemical and petrochemical product, detergent industry, food, etc..)
The unit is in Stainless steel 316L.

Exemple of applications

• Controlling protein with Prediction of protein concentration during a continuous down stream process
•  water analysis with Analysis of water to identify residual API concentration
• Analysis of nanoparticule suspensions
• Analysis of dissolution
• Analysis of color for detergent product in chemical industry
• Analysis of color for beverage
• Analysis of color for painting


cleaning in place, impurities, residual API in water, protein purification (downstream), protein identification.
in order to extend bulb life and reduce UV irradiation of sample, lamp can be triggered.