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Spectroscopy is revolutionizing Cleaning In Place (CIP) management

Spectroscopy is revolutionizing Cleaning In Place (CIP) management

Used in the agri‐food, pharmaceutical, chemicals, biotech and cosmetology sectors, cleaning in place (CIP) involves eliminating any trace of product residues, organic or mineral deposits in a process, without having to dismantle it, by flushing the pipes and tanks with appropriate cleaning products.  Execution of the  various CIP phases  often leads to long periods of non‐productivity.


To check the effectiveness of disinfection and ensure good overall hygiene, various techniques may be used to perform microbiological testing on surfaces such as surface strips, agar plates, brushes, swabs, Petrifilm or ATP‐metry. These test methods require samples to be taken.


Increase productivity by reducing downtime
Increase profits by optimizing CIP operations:
reduction of additives, water volume, energy consumption
Ensure total traceability of the CIP operations
– Control the process using the Multivariate Statistical Process Control approach (MSPC)
– Guarantee the safety of the products manufactured


CA INDATECH’s SPOT4Line LED spectrometer is the solution.
Compared with the standard methods,
in‐line LED spectral measurement is revolutionizing CIP due to the specific nature of its measurements

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Keywords: CIP, concentration, phase separation, push, flow‐rate, temperature, turbidity, titration