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Downstream process, optimize the quality of cell rupture!

Downstream process,  optimize the quality of cell rupture!

Cell Disruption is an essential part of biotechnology and the downstream processes linked to biological product manufacturing. It is used to extract the required product from the cells. Its efficiency and performance are critical because the affect the processes and efficiency downstream.
Various disruption methods are available, depending on whether the user wants to focus on extracellular or intracellular products. Usually, the operator takes samples during the process and analyzes the liquid in the laboratory to understand and choose the best technique.

Direct in-line measurement would help to find out more about the process and optimize quality, stability and production time, as the results of cell harvesting may vary. It is even more critical when the processes are continuous.


CA INDATECH’s SPOT4Line LED spectrometer is the solution.
Discover the advantages of multi-angle in-line measurement to better understand and adjust the parameters of the lysis process

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Keywords: Lysis, virus, DNA, lipid, id. extraction, protein, antibodies, Downstream, cell harvesting