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For precise in-line colorimetry, choose LED spectral measurement

SPOT4Line LED Spectrometer




To consumers’ eyes, the color is a sign of quality. Carefully adjusted to match consumers’ tastes, it is a decisive element in the act of buying, whatever the industrial sector involved: agri-food, textiles, cosmetics, beverages, etc. Determination of the color and its stability are two key factors to control in the production process.


  • Objectives

In this context, continuous in-line monitoring helps to reduce sampling operations and analyses in the laboratory. The detection instrument must be capable of providing real-time supervision with quick, precise, reproducible results.


  • Indatech solution

    LED Spectrometer SPOT4Line

    LED Spectrometer

Specially designed for measuring liquids in-line, SPOT4Line is the first spectrometer offering a comprehensive solution for simultaneous measurement of critical parameters such as the color, turbidity and detection of impurities. It is equipped with unique multi-LED technology with a multi-angle detection system. This no-contact measurement technology enables you to:

– measure across a wide turbidity range from 1 NTU to more than 10,000 NTU.
– measure the color, using visible-spectrum and UV LEDs.


Example of a spectral solution for differentiating between beer colors
In this study, the SPOT4Line was used to characterize the colors of different types of beer. The following specimens were tested:

– One white beer
– Six blond beers which may differ in terms of alcohol content and origin, but which have almost the same color to human eyes.
– Two amber beers from different breweries
– The CIELAB* system was used for this study.
– Compared with the standard methods, multi-angle measurements have demonstrated greater repeatability than transmission alone with heterogeneous specimens such as beers.


Examples of SPOT4Line inspections


Figure 1: 3D graphic from CIELAB* based on SPOT4Line measurements obtained with all the specimens.
Figure 1 shows that the white beer can be distinguished from the others by means of its luminance (L axis). The two beers from Brewery 2 show a significant difference on the red-green axis (a axis). For the other beers (blond beers), which are more similar visually, a more specific model will be needed to distinguish between them using the sensor (fig 2).





Figure 2: 3D graphic from CIELAB* based on SPOT4Line measurements obtained with the blond beers.
Figure 2 shows that the blond beers can also be distinguished by using the 3 axes of the Lab chromatic system. This very precise method allows you to perform phase separation of different beers with very similar characteristics which are currently difficult to distinguish with classic systems.





  • Advantages of SPOT4Line

Thanks to its multi-parameter measurement system (6 wavelengths and 4 scattering angles), SPOT4Line is an ideal tool for continuous measurement of qualitative variables which are important in the beverages industry:

– It includes 4 visible-spectrum LEDs for precise colorimetric assessments
– It provides information about the physical characteristics (particle size, turbidity) and particularly the product’s appearance, thanks to multi-angle measurements
– It can detect the transition phases between products by continuous measurements every second


As well as helping you to master product quality, Spot4Line also boosts productivity by optimizing the production
phases, control of the processes and maintenance, as well as the costs linked to treatment of industrial waste and
its environmental impact.
*The International Commission on Illumination’s L*a*b* color space, also called CIELAB, is a color space widely used for characterizing surface colors. Three quantities characterize colorsː the brightness L* derived from the surface luminance, and the two parameters a* and b*, which express the color’s difference in relation to the color of a gray surface of the same brightness


Discover the numerous applications
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Applications in brief 

– Agro-Food Industry

– Biotechnologies
– Pharmaceutical Industry
– Agro-Environnemental
– Petrochemical Industry
– Cosmetology

Target processes in brief 

– Cleaning In Place (CIP)
– Fermentation
– Filling / Blending
– Separation / Filtration
– Cell culture
– Crystallization

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SPOT4Line is the ideal solution for measuring turbid liquids from 0 to 10 000 NTU, together with an accurate and real-time color assessment. Now you know exactly what if flowing through your pipe!

If you are looking for a compact and low-cost sensor to assess in real-time turbidity and chemical composition of a liquid flowing in a pipe, SPOT4Line is all you need…

SPOT4Line provides you with all the measures you could dream of to optimize a CIP process: temperature, turbidity, color, UV absorbance. What else would you need ?

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