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In-line turbidity measurement, color measurement, SPOT4Line LED spectrometer

How to get the best skin… on a sausage!



A good sausage is chosen above all due to its appearance and skin color. This color, called “sausage whites”, is the result of a the alchemical mysteries of a water and penicillium mixture, followed by a drying phase. Initially translucent and undetectable with the naked eye, the white color appears a few hours after spraying with the mixture.


Our customer, an industrial company making cooked pork meat products, was facing a problem with the quality of the appearance of the “whites” on the sausage. Incorrect quantification of the water/penicillium mixture was causing significant product losses.


To avoid “substandard sausage batches” and obtain a satisfactory color which is quantifiable and reproducible, our customer needed an in-line analyzer capable of measuring, quantifying and checking on the presence or absence of penicillium in the water before the sausage spraying phase.


The SPOT4Line LED spectrometer from CA INDATECH is the solution. In-line LED spectral measurement offers essential advantages:
– Accurate measurement of the physical and chemical concentration ofany liquid: turbidity, color, temperature,
-In-line measurement without contact, sampling or infiltration
-Continuous testing in real time
-LED technology requiring little or no maintenance
Easy installation on the pipework



LED Spectrometer SPOT4Line

LED Spectrometer

Operation of SPOT4Line measurement?


Principle: the light beam from the LEDs penetrates the liquid to reveal its “optical digital fingerprint” and validate several parameters in real time.



For our customer?


As soon as it was set up, SPOT4Line allowed them to study the spectrum of penicillium precisely and then to find out the exact concentration of penicillium required in the mixture with water to obtain the perfect solution.



Benefits for the customer


This continuous monitoring thus enabled the cooked pork manufacturer to:
– quantify the necessary penicillium dosage,
– develop a reproducible standard,
– avoid any product losses.
In use since 2014, this SPOT4Line system has not yet required any maintenance.
Automatic dosing is performed with the help of a PLC.



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What people say about it

SPOT4Line is the ideal solution for measuring turbid liquids from 0 to 10 000 NTU, together with an accurate and real-time color assessment. Now you know exactly what if flowing through your pipe!

If you are looking for a compact and low-cost sensor to assess in real-time turbidity and chemical composition of a liquid flowing in a pipe, SPOT4Line is all you need…

SPOT4Line provides you with all the measures you could dream of to optimize a CIP process: temperature, turbidity, color, UV absorbance. What else would you need ?