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Turbidity measurement Color measurement CIP control

turbidity-measurement SPOT4Line® Turbidity measurement, color measurement and CIP control

In-line turbidity measurement, color measurement in pipes and CIP control





SPOT4Line® sensor use innovative technology with multi-point turbidity measurement to characterize chemical composition and turbidity measurement of liquids.

In fact, the embedded unit for signal treatment sends data to production machines in real-time, for optimized process control.

Customer Benefits in brief : Improvement of Process Performance

  • Reduction in cycle times with real-time correction of process parameters and drifts
  • Reduction in non-compliance and product failures
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Decrease in raw material and solvent losses
  • Decrease in waste and cleaning time

In conclusion , SPOT4Line is an All-in-One control system for cleaning processes

Applications in brief 

– Pharmaceutical Industry

– Biotechnologies
– Agro-Food Industry
– Agro-Environnemental
– Petrochemical Industry
– Cosmetology

Target processes in brief 

– Cleaning In Place (CIP)
– Fermentation
– Filling / Blending
– Separation / Filtration
– Cell culture
– Crystallization

Spot4Line® video

What people say about it

SPOT4Line ® is the ideal solution for measuring turbid liquids from 0 to 10 000 NTU, together with an accurate and real-time color assessment. Now you know exactly what if flowing through your pipe!

If you are looking for a compact and low-cost sensor to assess in real-time turbidity and chemical composition of a liquid flowing in a pipe, SPOT4Line® is all you need…

SPOT4Line® provides you with all the measures you could dream of to optimize a CIP process: temperature, turbidity, color, UV absorbance. What else would you need ?

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