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Standard UV/IVIS/NIR spectroscopy

Our experts own a wide knowledge in spectroscopy and chemometrics. We can meet your specific needs regarding the implementation of vibrational Spectroscopy in complex environments. We works in collaboration with Hellma® for probes and Horiba Jobin Yvon for spectrometers in order to provide you with the best quality.

Hellma® offers a wide range of probes with different measuring principles (Transmission, Transflexion, ATR, flow cell..) that can meet most requirements. INDATECH engineering team will thus be able to design and build the most suitable solution for your needs.

Downstream measurement using UV spectroscopy

Examples of custom designed solutions

INDATECH has developed a solution in biotech for downstream monitoring based on flow cell and ATR probe in the UV range.

Stability analysis using NIR spectroscopy

A solution for the analysis of product stability in the NIR (shelf life) has been designed able to perform color analysis of food, beverages and consumer goods in the industry.

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