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HypeReal : new documentation available!

HypeReal : new documentation available!

Did you say HypeReal?


Working in pharma, biotechnology, (bio)medicine production, new drug development, powder blending or lyophilization?

Or simply curious to find out more about our technology?

Check out our new documentation on HypeReal to understand the full range of its talents. You can download a presentation in English or French by clicking HERE :









Your situation?


Powder, laboratoryThe development of production systems for lyocakes or powder blends (chemical molecules) remains a phase requiring considerable resources in terms of both personnel and equipment.

One of the longest phases is still knowledge development. It is based on a series of experiments requiring the use of chemical analysis in the laboratory.

Another constraint? Only a small number of samples can be tested because of the significant time needed to set up the physical and chemical analyses and the destructive nature of this type of inspection. This sometimes leads to the loss of information concerning the variability (and therefore stability) of the batches.



Our solution!

black and white shot of human with bright rainbow colors eyeHypeReal was developed to offer a fast, non-destructive tool giving extensive chemical and spatial information.

It provides solutions for the issues of development in the laboratory and in the scale-up phase, as well as for at-line production inspections.

It is based on near-infrared hyperspectral imaging combined with a measurement technique from beneath. You can chemically inspect several samples at the same time and obtain the results in less than one minute (multi-well tray, vial, in-line powder sampling, etc.).



How does it work?


3 steps to analyze the quality of your powders and lyocakes.

  1. 1st Place your vials in the drawer
  2. 2nd Start the software for the inspection
  3. 3rd Check your results

This simple, effective tool offers numerous possibilities which are easily accessible because they do not require the assistance of specialized technicians.

Discover our videos by clicking HERE.



What are its advantages?


  • Mix Race Scientists Team Happy Smiling Working In Laboratory Doing Research, Man And Woman Making Scientific Experiments Doctors In LabExceptional measurement configuration
  • Optimum non-destructive testing thanks to measurement from beneath the sample
  • Elimination of problems linked to flatness of the powders to be inspected
  • Improved reproducibility
  • Fast, accurate inspection by non-specialized staff
  • Provision of trays dedicated to the samples (integrated white and gray references)
  • Software for data acquisition, analysis and reporting in a single interface



Its applications? At your disposal!


Because the best proof is provided by concrete examples, we invite you to check them out directly!



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