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May 8-9, 2017 – Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology

May 8-9, 2017 – Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology

Meet us during 5th annual Conference on Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology, held in Copthorne Tara Hotel – London, UK

INDATECH will be participating at the 5th annual conference on Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology, in London, on May 2017. Indatech will present its unique real-time spectroscopic solutions for the characterization of lyophilized products: SAM-Spec® Lyo.

Lyophilisation enhances the stability and shelf life of many products including pharmaceutical vaccines. Their stability can only be guaranteed if low-level water concentrations (0.2 up to 5%) are present. For this reason, the regulatory guidance indicates that this parameter must be controlled and determined. However, most current techniques are destructive and highly time-consuming.

SAM-Spec® Lyo technology provides real-time and non-destructive evaluations of moisture content but also melt and glass particle detection within freeze dried products.

INDATECH Raman and NIR spectroscopy solutions are solutions to:

– Process optimization and development in order to the Quality-by-Design (QbD)

– In line control of batch or continuous process (PAT)

The non-destructive and real-time solutions generate physical and chemical knowledge for complex products and processes.

INDATECH’s unique solutions using Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (SRS) provide a hybrid approach between classic spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging.

Richard Escott will be available at the Conference representing INDATECH there. He has several years of experience as Director of PAT and Chemometrics and Analytical Sciences team manager for at GSK and BP. He is now a consultant and visiting lecturer at Imperial College, London.