SAM-Spec Liquid


A set of multi-channel probes and flow-cells

Probes and flow-cells designed for complex liquid analysis, suitable for spectroscopic techniques ranging from UV-Vis to near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy


Comprehensive physico-chemical characterization of your product of interest, offering maximal flexibility with various measurement methods: multi-angle, multi-channel and multi-pathlength. This ensures optimal precision throughout the process, even in case of variations.


Pharmaceutical industry

SFX and SPC Probes

The ideal solution for in-line monitoring within a reactor, the SFX probe offers up to three simultaneous detection angles in collimated transmission, scattering transmission, and backscattering, enabling comprehensive physical and chemical characterization of your liquids (e.g., suspensions, emulsions, crystallization…).

Similarly, the SPC probe excels by offering up to 13 simultaneous measurement points in diffuse reflectance, making it ideal for applications where the inspected liquids are dense, such as lipids in milk, creams, oils, and other viscous or opaque substances.

Multi-pathlength (MPL) Flow-Cell

Our MPL Flow-Cell allows simultaneous measurements of up to 3 channels, integrating UV-Vis and NIR for comprehensive analysis. Precise product concentration control can be achieved using adjustable pathlengths. Adapted to diverse industrial needs with various connections, all within a robust, hygienic design meeting GMP standards


Vial Analyzer

The vial analyzer is an ideal tool for at-line inspection of products, offering a compact and flexible solution adaptable to vials, cuvettes (0.2-10 mm pathlength), and syringes. Compatible with UV-Vis, Raman, and NIR spectroscopy, the analyzer enables multi-angle measurements: 180° (transmission) for chemical analysis, and 160°, 90° and and 20° (scattering) for physical characterization.