Grand défi bio médicament


Developing an innovative solution for analytical monitoring of cell culture processes



In the context of the “Grand Défi Biomédicaments” (biodrugs challenge), Indatech is a partner of the ClimbIN project: Innovative Solution for the Bioproduction Sector.


The goal is to draw on its unique Raman and multi-angle UV spectroscopy technology to optimize and automate cell culture systems.


Tours Rabelais University is the leader of a complementary set of actors comprising academics, industrial companies and a training organization.

More precisely, the NMNS (nanodrugs and nanoprobes) and Bio3 laboratories in Tours, Nancy University’s LRGP laboratory (reactions and process engineering) and the IMT Group are contributing their academic know-how to industrial companies including Indatech (Chauvin Arnoux Group), Ondalys and the pharmaceutical group Servier.


Coordination of the various members of the consortium will enable the ClimbIN project to cover all the development phases: academic laboratories, R&D, pilot phase and industrialization.

France is seeking to invest in the biodrugs sector and is implementing a strategy to speed up these efforts. 800 million euros have been allocated and a call for expressions of interest has been launched around the theme “New biotherapies and production tools”. The ClimbIN project is among the first winners, aiming to optimize cell culture production to improve yields, thus facilitating access to biotherapies.


The consortium has invested € 2.2 million in the ClimbIN project and will also benefit from € 1.8 million in State support in the context of the France 2030 initiative. The partners have set a 2-year deadline to create the first operational sensor prototypes. An additional year will then be devoted to their industrialization.


The ClimbIN project should allow the creation of around ten jobs in Research & Development, engineering and services.

Unique technology based on Raman and multi-angle UV spectroscopy

Investment for the future

A multi-sector consortium to meet the challenges of tomorrow

spectroscopie UV multi-angles et Raman

In the biotechnology sector, in the Upstream phase, the cell culture batches require close, precise monitoring to optimize the yield.

Control of the critical parameters such as the concentration of cells, glucose and antibodies, give an indication of the progress of bioproduction.


ClimbIN: Innovative solution for the bioproduction sector


The sensors developed will be capable of measuring in-line, directly in the bioreactor, without taking samples and in real time. It will be possible to carry out this supervision through glass, stainless-steel or single-use plastic containers. Thanks to this monitoring, the bioprocesses will be optimized to achieve higher yields and reduce losses, both of which are crucial for more accessible biotherapies.

With support from the other partners, Indatech is seeking to develop an innovative solution for simultaneous, in-situ, real-time inspection of around ten critical parameters.


By using technologies already tried and tested in other sectors (particularly the chemicals sector), Indatech is taking advantage of the sensitivity of multi angle UV spectroscopy and adapting Raman measurement for use in aqueous and cellular media.

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