The agri-food market differs from the other markets.
First of all, it is based on products with properties which vary from one year or season to the next and according to where they come from. This means that the recipes require continual adaptation in the laboratory (dev process) and during production (Scale-up).
Secondly, the volumes manufactured are usually very large and the processes require maximum efficiency to control the products’ costs and margins.
Lastly, the cleaning processes must be safe to ensure food safety, but they must also be effective (optimization of energy), with little effect on the environment.
Our solutions help you to improve your control and optimization in development and production.

Quality control of products with in-line acceptance

Some liquid products may show considerable variability with a significant impact on the manufacturing process.
Our solutions can help you to identify this variability in order to adapt the transformation process or reject non-compliant input products.
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Inspection of the products and formulation in the laboratory

Ensuring uniform blends which remain stable over time is a way of guaranteeing end-quality for consumers. Our hyperspectral imaging solutions enable you to take advantage of all the power of chemical imaging to check the uniformity of your powders (flour, etc.) or finished products (cookies, etc.).
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Inspection during production

Product color is one of the most critical quality criteria for end-consumers. Traditionally, production lines are equipped with optical devices enabling the operator to check the color, but this remains subjective.
With the Spot4Line, take advantage of safe, reliable, automatic LED analysis 24/7, capable of immediately identifying the slightest problem. Give your production facility extra flexibility so that it can be adjusted quickly, thus avoiding any loss of efficiency.
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Analysis of the powder in the tablet press
Analysis of tablets and capsules in the inspection machine
Analysis of average cell size (emulsion).
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Checking of cleaning in place

Cleaning in place of the equipment is one of the most energy-hungry processes (heating and creation of turbulence) requiring considerable resources (water, detergents). Furthermore, the cleaning takes up time otherwise used for production. By choosing a cleaning strategy based on continuous, comprehensive measurements, you improve production safety, quality and profitability. Our Spot4Line tool can be used to optimize each phase by means of UV-VIS optical scattering measurements.
The sensor can also be used before starting cleaning-in-place to identify the products present in the pipes and define specific cleaning cycles.
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