Chemistry enables products to be manufactured by chemical synthesis.
It is involved in multiple sectors such as petrochemicals, pharmacy, parachemistry (cosmetology, detergents, etc.).
Most of the processes are therefore phases involving transformation, sometimes including changes of form (crystallization: change from liquid to solid or emulsification).

Optimization of the formulation in the laboratory and quality control

Product formulation is a complex, critical phase because the quality, efficacy and stability over time of the finished products depend on it. Our solutions like Viserion (Raman) can be used for quick chemical and physical analysis of the samples. As our solutions are designed for in-line measurement, it is much simpler to implement real-time in-line inspection.
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Inline inspection of blends on a continuous production line

By checking the product blends during continuous processes (e.g. detergents), it is possible to confirm that they are manufactured according to the specifications (defined in the laboratory). Real-time, non-destructive measurement allows you to correct the process parameters immediately in order to maintain perfect product quality and optimum efficiency of the production facilities.
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Chemical production

Production of active ingredients:
• Synthesis
• Dilution/concentration
• Crystallization
• Cleaning
Liquid products
• Analysis of low to very high concentrations of active ingredients
• Physical analysis of particles or globules in suspension
• Confirmation of dissolution
• Evaluation of the residual solvent concentration
• Purity
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Long-range API measurement (multiple working distances)
Analysis of particle size and density,
Validation of cleaning
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Analysis of the composition of liquids
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Inspection of solid finished products

Some chemical products come in powder form. They may be granules, sometimes coated, or powders of the active ingredient, and sometimes elements composed of several polymers.
Our chemical imaging solution makes analysis in the laboratory very simple. The chemical imaging this provides critical information such as the homogeneity, the presence of contamination or residual products, and the composition. These data are particularly useful during the development, inspection and fault analysis phases.
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Checking industrial water and solvent recycling

The chemicals industry uses a lot of solvents. To optimize profitability and reduce the impact on the environment, a growing number of major groups are using solvent recycling techniques. Our solutions like Spot4line and Asuryan can be used to optimize and automate this task while guaranteeing optimum solvent quality for re-use.
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