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Webinar on the application of near-infrared hyperspectral imaging to solid dosage forms, from the laboratory through to production

3 October 2023 • 16h00 - 17h00 CEST

Come and debate with our guest, Jan-Sebastiaan Uyttersprot, Principal Scientist for product design and performance at UCB Pharma.


In this webinar, Jan-Sebastiaan Uyttersprot, Principal Scientist at UCB Pharmaceuticals (Union Chimique Belge), will explain how he approaches solving problems linked to the development of a PAT (Process Analytical Technology) method.



Summary of the webinar presented by Jan-Sebastiaan Uyttersprot


Even if you perform all the correct steps to validate a PAT method, it does not guarantee that the method will fulfill all the required criteria for success.


Analysis and troubleshooting of the underlying causes require an even more extensive PAT toolbox, as well as knowledge of data science. During the presentation, we will discuss the lessons learned and how to avoid similar difficulties in future projects.



Summary of the webinar presented by Davinia Brouckaert


Process Analytical Technology (PAT) can really change things if it is applied correctly. However, to take full advantage of PAT’s inherent benefits, you need to avoid certain difficulties during development of the method. In this webinar, Jan-Sebastiaan Uyttersprot of UCB Pharmaceuticals will explain how he approaches solving problems linked to the development of a PAT (Process Analytical Technology) method. In his quest for a PAT tool based on spectroscopy for real-time inspection of solid dosage forms, he looked into various technologies, from the laboratory through to production, seeking significant, information-rich data. During the presentation, he will discuss his own experience with Raman imaging, Raman transmission, NIR hyperspectral imaging and in-line spatially-resolved spectroscopy. He will also share the results of an industrial case study and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the technologies assessed.




INDATECH products presented


HypeReal: bench-top near-infrared hyperspectral imaging solution

SAM-Spec Solids: spatially-resolved near-infrared spectroscopy probe integrated in the CU-120 machine from Pharma Technology


See all our Case Studies on HypeReal and SAM-Spec.


3 October 2023
16h00 - 17h00 CEST
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