Indatech is proud to announce its membership as a founding member of the Philippe Maupas Partner Foundation.

5 avril 2024

The Philippe Maupas Foundation, named after the pioneering researcher from Tours who discovered the Hepatitis B vaccine, is a crucial lever for the development of biomedicines in our Centre-Val de Loire region and nationally.

Since its creation on June 20, 2013, it has been stimulating biotechnological innovation through strong synergies between research, higher education, industry, and public funding.


The ambition of the Foundation is evident through its support for the Bio3 Institute, a unique training center dedicated to biomedicines, and cutting-edge projects such as online Raman spectroscopy and the first nasal anti-Covid-19 vaccine in France. These initiatives perfectly illustrate the convergence between innovation and practical application for public health.


By embracing this mission, Indatech commits to promoting the development of Process Analytical Technology (PAT), crucial for the advancement of biotechnology and pharmacy. Our past collaboration with the University of Tours and the Philippe Maupas Foundation on innovative projects, including the Raman project co-funded by LabEx MabImprove, demonstrates our dedication to this cause.


Joining renowned founding industrial members such as Chiesi SA, ACM Pharma, Innothera, Recipharm, LEO Pharma, Servier, Novasep, and others, as well as committed donors like Delpharm, Norgine Pharma, Repropharm, Fareva, and Amtsigroup, Indatech aims to actively contribute to revitalizing the Centre-Val de Loire region. Our goal is to catalyze development in the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy, and particularly PAT, to bolster innovation and competitiveness in our sector.


We are convinced that this commitment to the Philippe Maupas Foundation marks a key step in our mission to contribute to scientific progress and the continuous improvement of public health. Together, let’s advance research, innovation, and training in the biomedical field for a healthier and more sustainable future.