How to control, collect and process the data from your optical spectroscopy measuring system?

22 Mars 2023

Whatever the technology used, the multi-task Indatech Ready software solution is ideal for this!

Software Indatech Ready

Multi-purpose software versions for the entire range of spectroscopic instruments: UV / Visible, Raman and Near Infrared.

Indatech – Chauvin Arnoux Group offers optical spectroscopy solutions for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. They can be used for real-time in-line assessment of your product’s critical physical and chemical quality criteria. From upstream to downstream, and not forgetting lyophilization, our experts offer you the best possible cost/performance ratio.

We take your goals into account:
– Accelerating process development,
– Improving your product,
– Speeding up the production phases.

Control of all Indatech instruments

Importation of chemometric models

Simplified mode for operators

Controlling your measurements

Our solutions are compatible with automation thanks to their OPC UA communication capabilities. This makes it possible to control and command the instruments remotely via the automation or by means of advanced production software such as SIPAT, SyntQ or SCADA. Indeed, our Indatech Ready software has already been integrated in the systems of major players like GEA, Pharmatechnology and Proditec.

Collecting your data

The Indatech Ready data display gives you the possibility of viewing and monitoring the intensity, the dark and the absorbance in real time.
You can extract the data and activity reports instantaneously. Furthermore, the access rights and electronic signature comply with the conditions stipulated by the 21 CFR part 11 standard.

Processing your data

Ability to use all the power of chemometric analysis:
• Possibility of directly importing PLS-Toolbox models from Eigenvector Research,
• Ability to work with the SIMCA suite from Sartorius.

Communication by OPC-UA

Validated CFR21 part 11

Indatech Ready multitask software

For full details of our multi-purpose software, see our Indatech Ready brochure!