Accessible near-infrared chemical imaging for any operator

26 Mai 2023

HypeReal is a hyperspectral imaging system suitable for any operator, designed to help you develop and transmit the data more quickly.

Easy near-infrared chemical imaging


HypeReal makes chemical imaging more accessible for any operator:


  • First of all, the operator can easily remove the tray to install the samples, then reposition it in the drawer and close the instrument.
  • They will then easily recognize the commands directly accessible on the instrument.
  • Finally, once the drawer is closed, the operator can use the touch screen to start acquisition.

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Use near-infrared chemical imaging to collect all the data on your samples


The HypeReal tray is designed to hold around a hundred samples and up to 4 different sample forms per tray. To achieve this, Indatech – Chauvin Arnoux Group has adapted the tray to hold all the types of samples, so that HypeReal can be used to analyze tablets, vials and powders.


To ensure quick, reliable analysis, the system is equipped with a hyperspectral camera which records 320 spectra at  256 wavelengths.


The data from the acquisition can be seen as a 3-dimensional hypercube. X and Y are the spatial dimensions and Z is the spectral dimension showing the absorption by the chemical compounds. HypeReal‘s software uses these data to generate chemical images of the samples.

Possible applications using HypeReal


  1. A reliable, easy-to-use chemical imaging system
  2. Quick response for developing new products in complex systems (continuous production)
  3. Production and quality monitoring, particularly during the scale-up or transfer to a CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization)
  4. Study of product packaging stability

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