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Webinar on the interest of online sugar color measurement (ICUMSA) in the food industry

28 March 2023 • 16h00 - 17h00 CEST

Webinar Interest of online sugar color measurement

In this webinar on sugar color measurement, you will learn how to measure it online to determine its quality and value.

Most food industries use sugar. Its purity depends on the final quality of the product, especially for beverages. The measurement of the color of sugar (in syrup or solid state) is the main criterion currently recognized. The international laboratory ICUMSA sets the standard for determining the amount of impurities.

Sugar industry is trying to increase the quality of their product to facilitate export and value. Especially true for some countries like Thailand or Brazil.

That is the reason why in-line sugar color measurement is becoming particularly critical to reduce reprocessing costs and gain efficiency. In order to meet this demand, INDATECH has developed an innovative solution capable of working on large ranges. Moreover, its solution meets the needs of both the sugar and the beverage industry.

This webinar is dedicated to sugar color measurement. It will present a collaboration made between NOVASEP and INDATECH. The sensor is directly integrated on filtration units that measure several wavelengths by LED technology.

Our specialist will present how to calibrate a sensor from the laboratory. After the calibration, he will explain the placement directly on the production line. An essential step for realizing a real time measurement in the process allowing an interaction and a piloting.

To know the composition of your liquids with accuracy, the SPOT4Line solution uses the LED light beam that penetrates the liquid to bring out its “optical fingerprint” and validate in real time several parameters.

INDATECH is a recognized player in spectroscopy and holder of numerous patents. It has designed SPOT4Line, the first multi-angle LED spectrometer dedicated to the analysis of all industrial liquids. Based on spectral scattering of light, SPOT4Line is completed by the patented SAM-SPEC Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy (SRS) technology to assign an optical signature to the liquid measured.

Discover all our application notes on the SPOT4Line.


28 March 2023
16h00 - 17h00 CEST
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