Indatech and Viserion: a revolution in stem cell pluripotency assessment

26 Mai 2023

Stem cell pluripotency is crucial for regenerative medicine and Indatech’s Viserion is transforming the way that we analyze it.

This innovative technology uses Raman spectroscopy to assess the pluripotency of stem cells.


Viserion offers multiple advantages: it can be used for real-time non-invasive analysis, providing detailed molecular information. This advance promises to speed up research on stem cells and revolutionize regenerative medicine.


Indatech is positioned as a leader in this field with Viserion, a precious tool which extends the limits for stem cell research, opening fascinating new perspectives for regenerative medicine.

Advantages of the Viserion Raman spectrometer


Raman technology offers a flexible solution for in/at-line supervision of cell culture processes:

  • Quick measurement enabling the status of the stem cells to be monitored
  • A set of probes, flow-cells and vial analyzers for reliable, reproducible measurements
  • Raman spectroscopy used with chemometrics to characterize the product of interest in physical and chemical terms

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