A new SAM-Spec® probe for solids! Welcome to the SPC13.

26 Mai 2023

An acknowledged player in spectroscopy and a creator of innovative inspection solutions, INDATECH has designed and developed the patented SAM-Spec® technology combining near-infrared spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging.

SAM-Spec® is a powerful optical analyzer which can be used for quick, reliable, in-line inspection of the physical and chemical properties of solid products such as powders, tablets and lyocakes.


The new SPC13 multipoint probe has been developed to allow high-speed in-line inspections. It can simultaneously collect up to 13 near-infrared spectra at different distances from the light source in order to provide an in-depth spectral fingerprint of the product studied.


Thanks to its exceptional measurement speed, the SAM-Spec® solution can inspect the physical and chemical properties at high speed, thus ensuring high productivity. In this way, the qualitative characteristics of solid products, such as the weight, dosage, level of the active ingredient, hardness, residual moisture, etc., are processed by our in-line solution.


With the aim of standardizing the range of SAM-Spec® probes, simplifying their integration in your processes and facilitating transfers from one unit to another, the new SPC13 multipoint probe merges the best features of two former references, the  SPC-A04 and SPC-A05, while maintaining flexibility for configuration according to the end-application.


Dedicated accessories such as immersion fittings and reference tools integrating reflectance standards are available to ensure unprecedented ease of use and measurement repeatability, in the laboratory or industrial production.

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