Fast, accurate UV-Visible spectroscopy solution for liquid analysis!

29th September, 2022

The Asuryan UV-Visible spectroscopy solution allows constant, optimized measurement of your downstream processes.

Find out how to perform quick, accurate analysis!

Asuryan video

Our UV-Visible spectroscopy solution, Asuryan , can adapt to a large number of sensors (immersion with different optical trajectories, flow cell, SFX multi-angle sensors, ATR signal attenuation sensor) to allow flexibility when measuring diverse products of interest in diverse media. Modulation of the integration time facilitates its integration in multiple media. To guarantee that the measurements are perfectly reproducible, Asuryan can check the stability of the light source by using an additional internal spectrometer.

Fast measurement in less than 50 ms!

UV-Visible spectroscopy solution, Asuryan is the only system capable of using multiangle and multipoint measuring sensors, patented probes developped by INDATECH. These technologies extract more information in complex media (emulsions, suspensions, powders, etc.) by measuring the average globule size and globule density. The different spectra help to improve separation of the information on the milieu from the data on the products in suspension.

Watch the video
> To understand how our UV-Visible spectroscopy solution for liquid analysis works.

Analyses possible with Asuryan :

  • Liquids of various natures and in various states
  • Chemical composition of products
  • Downstream process monitoring
  • Analysis of vaccines
  • Vitamins for chemical industry products
  • Nanoparticles in suspension (e.g. ZnO2, CuO, TiO2, etc.)
  • Intralipid globule size and form of crystals

Advantages of our UV-Visible spectroscopy solution:

  • Adaptable to different sensors for use on a wide range of products or concentrations of the product of interest
  • Measurement on several phases of the process
  • Quick measurement, thus reducing analysis time and allowing continuous monitoring
  • System with an internal reference for optimum repeatability
  • Integrated software facilitating analysis and data processing by means of models focusing on the variable
    of interest
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of a protein blend (proteins, vitamins)
  • Analysis and monitoring of powder dissolution to optimize process control